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The Pastor Only Works on Sundays
(for Pastor Appreciation Sunday)

Melvin: (writing)

Mom: (enters) Melvin, what are you working on?

Melvin: It’s a paper for school. We have to write about what we want to be when we grow up.

Mom: Ah, so what did you pick?

Melvin: A preacher.

Mom: Oh Melvin, that makes me so happy. I had no idea that’s what you wanted to do.

Melvin: (excitedly) Yeah! I’d only have to work a few hours on Sundays and Wednesdays and people would put gobs of money in a plate for me.

Mom: (hangs her head) Uh…you know Melvin, that money in the plate is God’s money.

Melvin: God’s money? What does HE need money for? He’s already got streets of gold.

Mom: Well, the pastor does get some of it, but most of it goes to God’s work.

Melvin: Huh?

Mom: You know…things like buying Sunday School and church supplies and supporting missionary works. Then there’s electricity and water for the church, and helping people in need…things like that.

Melvin: There wasn’t THAT much money in the plate.

Mom: It might be a good idea for you to interview the pastor and use him as a reference.

Melvin: I already thought of that, but he’s never home when I call.

Mom: Oh really. Imagine that.

Melvin: Yeah, Monday he took Mr. Johnson to a Doctor appointment and visited people in the nursing home, Tuesday he was visiting those new families that started coming to our church. Wednesday he was at old Mrs. Walter’s house fixing a broken step on her porch, and Thursday he spent most of the day at the hospital sitting with Mrs. Smith’s family while she was having an operation.

Mom: You know Melvin, while he was there praying with her family one of her sons accepted Jesus into his life. He’s going to his house this evening to talk to him about being baptized next Sunday. So he’ll have to get the baptistery ready.

Melvin: Oh boy! Another baptism!

Mom: Yep, he was supposed to talk with him yesterday but he was at the hospital again. A young truck driver going through here was in a bad accident and he stayed all night with his family praying and helping them find comfort in the Lord.

Melvin: Oh, is that man going to be all right?

Mom: Well, he’s hurt pretty badly, but the doctors and the prayer chain are doing their parts. The pastor’s on his way back over there to check on him and see to the family’s needs because they aren’t from around here.

Melvin: Wow, I guess there’s a lot more to being a pastor than just preaching on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Mom: There sure is, and in between all of that he has to study the Bible and pray for his own strength and prepare the sermons.

Melvin: Gee.

Mom. Do you still want to be a preacher?

Melvin: Well, I’m not so sure about that, but at least I know that there’s a lot more to it now. (starts to leave)

Mom: Where are you running off to?

Melvin: To mow the pastor’s yard. He’s so busy that’d be one less thing for him to do.

Mom: That’s a fine idea. Take that casserole in the kitchen so the pastor’s wife won’t have to cook today. She does her fair share for the ministry too, you know.

Melvin: Okay mom, bye. (starts to leave, then turns back to audience ) I wonder if he gets paid by the hour?

Mom: (hands her head and shakes it) Ugh!



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